Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Hot August Nights in the Northwest, Yep.

We just wrapped up a pretty typical August with my observed averages coming in a smidgen high than average on both highs and lows and a tad less than average on the wet stuff.

This is what we live for here, the best summer weather on Earth :)

Temps last month were very summery with August producing at least 70° every single day and nary a temp below 50° although one chilly night got close. Despite the above average temps for the monthly average we had about the normal number of hot days with three days pushing the merc into the nineties. More than half the month saw lovely days in the 80s and pleasant evenings with lows between 55° and 60°. 

The hottest daytime high arrived on the 15th when I recorded a 97.2° mark. The chilliest afternoon high occurred on the 6th with some showers and a 70.8° reading. The chilliest overnight low was a genuinely nippy for August, 50.1° on the 30th a reminder that Autumn lurks on the near horizon. The warmest overnight low arrived on the 16th following the hottest day when the merc dropped to a warm 67.5° overnight. 

On the 'water front'... No not the "Waterfront" the rain gauge! As is typical in August not much to see here. We had a few passing disturbances that caused some showers and even a little rain. Most of the wet stuff fell in the foothills and mountains of the Cascades. I manged to pick up a half inch for the month with two days gathering two tenths or more the most was 0.21 inch on the 6th.

Today is the first of September and round these parts it is the beginning of the end of summer. By mid-month we will start to feel that fall chill. It comes first in the evenings and then spills into the daytime highs. The average high temp on 9/1 is 79° and the average high on the 30th is 70°. Get ready friends it's about to get cooler, but first a message from our sponsor... Summer! It will heat up again this week and maybe even add another 90° day to our current total in 2020 of 10.

Get out and enjoy the last days of summer, soak it up my friends, soak it up. 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

July started slow but left no doubt about what month it is

July started out cloudy and threatening to continue June's late spring shower-fest. But as usual, July did in fact show up and it even got hot for a bit. After some sprinkles leading up to Independence Day, the last 28 of 29 days were bone dry save for that little sprinkle on the 8th. There was sunshine, there was heat but mostly there was glorious summer weather and that is why we love summer so in the Northwest.

My station had a few super hot days but nay did the high bust into the triple digits. My station peaked for the month on the 26th with a mark of 97.2°. Some local stations reported warmer temps even a few 100° marks, but not at my house. That scorcher was one of five days that managed to push the mercury over 90°. Thursday's 93.5° mark was the 7th day this year above 90° at my station. The overnight lows for July were well above average with 59.26° and the warmest morning low temp a nice and balmy 64.3° on the 30th. There's almost no point talking about the coolest temps but I mention them every month so here it goes: The coolest daytime high arrived on the 1st of the month with a pleasant 64.1°. The chilliest temp all month was the overnight low on the 25th when it dipped to a comfortable 54.2° Overall the daytime highs were just about spot on normal but the overnight lows were roughly 4° warmer than average. That made this July pretty warm by mean temp measurement.

The rain story was almost nil. A total of just 0.10 inch with half of it coming on the 8th. July is one of those months that doesn't really need to hit the average mark. July is routinely California dry. The average July precipitation of 1.02 inch is skewed by those occasional July storms that dump 2 inches in a day every few years. This was a typical July for rain.   

August is here and today is lovely with nice 80s and sunshine. Lets do it again Summer and just soak it up my friends, soak it up.