Friday, April 3, 2020

Warm Winter Lead to Cold Spring ? !

January 2020 was one of the warmest on record round these parts but Winter was apparently napping and woke up when spring was tapping on his shoulder. March was nippy to say the least and even brought more snow than the rest of the winter combined.

Now this past March wasn't the coldest I'v seen and certainly no records were ever in jeopardy. But it was a chilly March that managed to deliver three inches of snow which surprisingly was more than any of the "winter" months this season. Yes technically March 20 is the end of winter but most of the weather guys start doing the 'spring thing' on March 1.

Temps were a couple of degrees cooler top to bottom on average last month and rainfall was below average.

Temps rode the roller coaster like we expect in March with a balmy 65.8° on the 20th that was one of three days to punch through the 60 barrier. It is not at all uncommon to get a seventy or two in March, no such luck at my station this year. The chilliest afternoon high was a nippy 38.7° on the 14th which was accompanied by 3 inches of fluffy white snow. The coldest morning came on the 17th at 30.7°. The warmest overnight temp was the 46.7° mark on the 29th.

Wet precipitation was scarce for March producing only 3.74 inches of rain well below my typical 5.52 inches. Snowfall was above average for March but snow is not exactly a thing for us in March the total for the month just a tad above 3 inches which is more than triple the "normal" for March. In fact snow is rare enough in March that the 3 inches that fell made it the second snowiest March in my 19 snow seasons at this location. The record was a whopping 7.85 inches in March 2012. It also was enough to measurably move my 19 year average from 0.82 inch all the way to 0.94 inch.

Well enough about frozen precip, the wet form came in a typical constant series showers with the wettest day producing a mere .55 inch which was also the snowy day so the "wettest" really was the 29th when some t-storms dropped 0.31 inch of rain. Only 7 days saw more than a quarter inch and a total of 19 days with precipitation. Aside from the extra snow, this was actually a typical March now that I really ponder it :)

April has started off a bit chilly but this could be the month we turn the corner into "real" spring. Snow levels are still sagging down under 2000 feet which is pretty low for APRIL.

I wouldn't mind seeing some temps later in the month tickle the 80° mark so we can punch that corona virus in the face. I don't know if warm weather helps, but I guess we shall see and some nice summer like weather might cheer everyone up a bit :)

I normally tell you to soak it up, but maybe staying inside a wee bit longer is wise advice.   

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Spring is here...almost.

The meteorologists consider March 1st the beginning of Spring but the "official" first day of Spring falls on the Spring Equinox which is March 19th this year. I have had a some issues with the network server updating my weather stats online. My station is fine but my charts and such are all messed up. I'll have to get it all sorted or buy a new Raspberry PI server. In the meantime, February was below average for rainfall, a tick above average on temps, well below average snowfall. The snow levels have been riding the roller coaster all month. Today the sun peaked out to reveal a heavy winter coat across the Cascade foothills down to about a thousand feet or so.

I didn't have any real cold weather with just ten days that dropped below freezing. Every single day except the 4th, managed to hit at least 40° and the 4th topped out at 39.7°. I recorded 0.5 inch of snow on the 3rd but it was only on the ground for a couple hours. This year looks like it will finish well under typical for snow. March however, can and has recently delivered some snowfall so I could pad the numbers a bit. It is highly unlikely I'll get over 6 inches this month so below average is the smart bet for this seasons snowfall. For the record, I did record 7.85 inches of snowfall in March of 2012, so it is possible ;)

I had no serious challenge to any of my local record lows, but I did record a local record daily high on the 6th with a 57.8° mark. Precipitation was weak sauce for the whole month with the wettest day being a 0.61 inch performance. We need some rain, we do.

February, 2020 had a bonus day but the rest of the month was rather average really. March could go any which way, March is a month that flies by the seat of its pants with winter and spring tugging at the weather. Could be cold, could be wet, could be warm, could dry, could be all of those things :)

Soak it up my friends, soak it up.